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What is Data Recovery

When a file is deleted, the file is moved to the recycle bin folder. Even if the file/data is removed from the recycler Bin folder, the data doesn’t get deleted, only the path of the data/file gets removed by the file system.

However, a binary file is still available on the hard drive. The file remains available until it gets overwritten by another file. Parts of the file might remain on the hard drive for several years.If the deleted file gets partially overwritten by another file then the data recovery software will not be able to recover the file and provide you with the usable data. Best Data recovery software should support all storage media and file structures and thereby should be able to recover files from all types of storage media

The image given shows the various reasons for data loss with their % [percentage].
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These free data recovery software are powerful, efficient and all of them guarantee you a 100% success rate. So, if you are freaking out right now about losing all your data, you can take a deep breathe and relax. Taking a look at both paid and free data recovery software, we have come up with the best of the best data recovery software.

List of some best Data Recovery Software/Wizard for Windows & Mac [Free and Paid]

  1. Stellar Recovery
  2. Disk drill
  3. Recuva
  4. Ease Us/EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  5. Data Rescue 5
  6. Undelete 360
  7. Minitool Data Recovery/MiniTool Partition Wizard
  8. OnTrack Easy Recovery
  9. Active File Recovery
  10. R-Studio Data Recoverd
  11. Stellar Data Recovery
  12. PhotoRec
  13. TestDisk
  14. PC Inspector File Recovery
  15. Wise Data Recovery


TOP 10 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows & Mac [Free and Paid]

1. Stellar Recovery

Stellar Recovery is one of the best data recovery software for Mac and PC. It comes in two versions, free and paid-for home, and professional use respectively. The highly popular, well-trusted software is simply marvelous at what it is made for. It is easy to use for everyone, be it a tech geek or a novice.

Stellar Data Recovery Software

The software can recover data from almost every device including your camera memory card, USB drive, crashed disk, hard drives and basically anything that you can plug into your system. If you have a crashed OS and need to retrieve important data from it, Stellar Recovery can do that in an easy go.

If you buy the Professional version of Stellar, don’t worry about your money going down the drain. You can recover big files in no time and if it doesn’t work out, you can get your money back. But, we can assure you that high chances are that it will work out for you!

2. Disk drill

Disk is a lot more than just a data recovery software. Being one of the best data recovery software for Windows as well as Mac, Disk Drill offers data protection and backup too. It is always better to have your data protected against ransomware or virus and that’s why Disk Drill is so amazing.

Disk Drill – Best Data Recovery Software

The data recovery feature can help you retrieve all kinds of data, Disk Drill has a large range of file types it supports. The quick and deep scan can help you get your files recovered in a better way as it allows you to add details on the file to recover, therefore, adding filters to find the file faster.

The scan can also be paused and played according to your needs and time. Data protection and backup help you be prepared if your system crashed or there is a malware attack. Disk Drill comes in two versions- free and paid. The free version offers standard features while the paid one is more professional with advance features.

3. Recuva

This one is yet another best software recovery tool for windows and only windows. Although Recuva is exclusively for Windows users, it is as amazing as it can be. It can retrieve data from crashed OS and disks and works great even on older versions of Windows.

Recuva Data Recovery Software

The data recovery tool can extract valuable files from almost anywhere using its deep scan feature which can dig deeper into your system files. If you have lost your data recently, use the quick scan feature to retrieve it quickly. You can search using various filters which makes it easier for Recuva to find your lost data.

The tool is quick and powerful. The free data recovery tool, though, is limited to certain features, it is efficient. But, if you have lost bigger files, you may as well try the professional version of it. Being one of the best, Recuva packs the whole solution to your data loss problem.

4. Ease Us

Ease Us does what its name stands for. The pain of losing your data is big, but to ease this pain, Ease Us is the savior. It is one of the best data recovery software for Mac and Windows, offering a good deal of features to find and recover your data. It can perform quick recovery for data that has been recently lost but if you want it to dig in a little deeper use the deep scan feature.

Ease Us Data Recovery Software

The easy 3-step recovery makes Ease Us one of the best Data Recovery Tools that you can find. Apart from recovering data from Hard Drives, DVDs, memory cards, etc, it can recover lost data from email, corrupt external drives and camera too.

Ease Us is fast, powerful and efficient. If you are a home user and are trying to recover some photos or files then the free version will work out great for you. But if you are a professional user and want to recover big files then the paid version of Ease Us is something worth putting your money in.

5. Data Rescue 5

The reliable and one of the best hard drive recovery software lets you make a quick recovery for all your lost data. It is simple and yet really powerful. Data Rescue offers advanced features such as using filters for your file search. It includes more than 300 file signatures which are what make it really efficient.

Data Rescue 5 – Best Data Recovery Software

The disk recovery software supports both Mac and Windows. The deep scan feature uses a reverse algorithm to trace and recover the lost data. Data Rescue’s fast and efficient recovery makes it one of the best Data Recovery Software.

Data rescue is a paid software but a budget-friendly one. All the money you spend would be worth your money. The easy interface makes Data Rescue 5 one of the best file recovery software. It has 100% success rates making it a reliable choice to recover your important data.

6. Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is popular, trusted and considered among the best free file recovery software. It works only on Windows and supports older versions of Windows.

Undelete 360 – Best Data Recovery Software

The disk recovery software supports a wide range of devices including digital camera, USB, external drives, memory disk, and DVDs. The data recovery tool feature provides a quick and easy recovery of your lost data. It can also recover data that has been deleted by other applications or permanently deleted data.

The tool is one of the best free data recovery software and powerfully efficient. Its simple user interface provides for the popularity it has gained. The tool can dig into file hashes and recover it to its original state.

7. Minitool Data Recovery

This data recovery tool will not only recover your lost data but also help you out in disk configuration and back up too. Minitool Data Recovery is yet another of the best file recovery software. Easy to use, fast recovery and perfect results.

Minitool Data Recovery Software for Windows

This data recovery tool can do wonders. It can recover data lost due to virus attacks or crashed OS, data lost during partition or ay data that you deleted permanently. The software can even repair and recover corrupt files.

It is one of the best Data Recovery Software for Windows and Mac with amazing features. It can help you recover your data in seconds!

8. OnTrack Easy Recovery

The budget-friendly tool packs all the features of the best data recovery software on the internet. The powerful tool is faster than you can imagine and with additional features like rebuilding corrupt files, custom scan and filters for search, OnTrack is an all-in deal!

OnTrack Easy Recovery – Best Data Recovery Software

Besides this, OnTrac can recover files from almost any device and the recovered files are perfectly in the original state

This tool is one of the best software recovery tool for Mac and Windows, offering the most reliable results. OnTrack Recovery is both free and paid. The free version is standard but you have some serious file recovery to do, go for the paid one with additional features.

9. Active File Recovery

Though Active file Recovery is only for Windows users, it is made perfect in all its features. Being one of the best data recovery software, it can recover your files from iPhone, Digital Camera, SSD, memory card, optical media, external drives and more.

Active file Recovery – Best Data Recovery Software

It covers a large range of file systems including FAT, exFAT, NTFS, Ext4, etc which means the search for lost data can be deep and efficient. The data lost during a malware or virus attack can also be recovered by Active File Recovery.

The recovery tool uses file signatures to find and recover data which makes it one of the best data recovery software for Windows. It can easily recover large files, repair corrupt ones and will even recover when your OS has crashed!

10. R-Studio Data Recovery

R-Studio is 0ne of the best file recovery software with just the right features that you’ll need. The tool can recover large files to the original state faster than any other tool. It is paid, but for the work it does, worth it.

R-Studio Data Recovery Software Windows & Mac

The data recovery tool uses an advanced algorithm to bring back your lost data even if your system has crashed. The deep scan feature lets you recover files that have been permanently deleted or removed by some application. You can also recover data lost in the partition. The disk image creator, offered by R-Studio, lets you back up all your data once and for all, a smarter option for your data loss problem.

R-Studio Data Recovery works well on Mac, Windows, and Linux and is highly trusted by users of all three OS.


So, these were the best data recovery software that can do wonders when it comes to getting your lost data back. They are powerful, efficient and fast. We have tried and tested them all. So, they are reliable ways to get your data back. We have included all kinds of the best file recovery software including paid and free ones and for Mac and Windows.

We hope this article helped you and you are on your way to getting your lost files back!


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