American Express Gift Card : Check Amex Card Balance

The American Express Company was founded in 1850. It is a Multinational Financial Service Corporation. American Express is also called AMEX. Their headquarter is situated in Three World Finance Centre in New York. 

Since the beginning, American Express has made every effort to find new ways to improve the lives of their customers. American Express has tried their best to provide their special services to their customers in every way whether big or small. 

An American Express card is an electronic Payment card, and it is branded by the publicly traded financial service company known as American Express (AXP).  Their cards are available to every individuals, corporate customer s as well as small business customers all across U.S as well as around the world.

Amex Giftcard

American Express issues their cards and processes them on their own network, making them one of the only few service company in the industry that not only possess the capability of issuing but also processing electronic payment cards.


How to activate Your American Express Gift Card

When you have received gift card by American Express all you wish is to use it for making purchases as soon as possible. But for that you will first have to activate your gift card. You gift card contains a prepaid amount or money that you can spend it easily just as similar as spending cash. When you activate a gift card, you are letting the company know that you as an intended recipient own that card and you are ready to start using it.

Suppose you have purchased your gift card online then, it will be shipped to you and it will be ready to use, and there will not be any activation required for using it. But if you have purchased your card from a store then, it is important that you will need to activate your American Express Gift Card prior to its first use.

You can activate your American Express Gift Card by two methods.

  1. Activation of American Express Gift Card Online
  2. Activation of American Express Gift Card via Phone Call

Activation of American Express Gift Card Online

Your first step is to navigate to the American Express Gift Card webpage.

  1. You will see their homepage. On that page you will be asked to fill a few fields.
  2. You will be asked to enter your card information into the given boxes. You will have to fill them correctly and completely. Those card details will be such as:
      1. Your 15-digit card Number.
      2. Your 4 digit Card-Identification Number

Activate Amex card

All these card details can easily be found in the front as well as on the back side of your card. 

  1. Though it is completely optional but if you wish to enter, you can also enter your email address. By entering your email address you will be allowing the American Express to contact you with offers as well as with the information related to your card
  2. Then you should click on the “Sign in” option in order to complete your card registration. With this you will also finish your card activation process.
  3. At this point your card is ready to use. In case you have entered your email address previously, American Express will send you an email which will confirm activation of your gift card.

Activation of American Express Gift Card via Phone Call

  1. Other method for activating your American Express Gift Card is by phone call. 
  2. Suppose if your internet connectivity is dire or you do have internet connectivity at all then you can call and contact the American Express Gift Card customer care toll free number for help. You can easily find the toll-free phone number on the back side of your card [1-888-846-4308]. 
  3. When you have your phone and card, you can start the activation process by calling on that number. You have to make sure you call from your registered number only so as to avoid misunderstanding of fraud. 
  4. Once your call is connected you will listen to an automated menu where they will be giving you options about your gift cards and activation. You have to listen to the menu correctly and select. You will be asked to enter your 16-digit Card Number, your card Expiration Date, and 4-digit CVV number. When prompted, you will have to enter all of the details correctly.
  5. Presume that you find the automated menu too confusing or difficult to understand, you can press “0” and then speak to the customer care executive.

Check American Express Gift Card Balance Online

Checking online balance of your American Express gift card is similar to that of checking your balance of your bank account. This method of knowing balance can be used if you believe calling the number on back of your card is not your cup of tea. The steps in the online gift card balance checking is quite simple

  1. Log on to
  2. You will be asked to fill in the asked details on that page so as to signing in to check your balance
  • Card Number
  • Expiration date of your card
  • Security Code
  • Email address.


  1. After filling these information click continue and you will be directed to another page
  2. That page will show you the exact balance left in your account and what’s more is you can check your past transactions as well.

Check American Express Gift Card on Phone

Other way of checking your gift card balance is by calling at their customer care service center. There are two ways to get connected to Amex customer services on phone, for checking balance:

    1. Contact American Express Gift Card service centre number [1-877-297-4438] or [1-888-846-4308].
    2. You can also call the number which is found on the back of your gift card and follow the voice prompts and enter the card’s number.
    3. Once you get connected, you will have to follow the prompts and enter the cards details.
    4. You will have to provide all the required details correctly.
    5. They will inform you’re your balance.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Using Your American Express Gift Card

There are few important tips to keep in mind while and after making in-store or online purchases with your American Express Gift Card.

    • Check your Balance: You have to keep a tab on your balance. Amount that you have spent and amount left in your card, both has to be checked on a regular basis. You can check your card balance online at website: or by calling American Express customer care number [1-888-846-4308] or on the number given on the back of your card.
    • Be careful of Pending transactions: When you are checking your American Express Gift Card Balance, you should be cautious and take into account your pending balances. You should take notice that balance in your gift card may show a little higher, for the reason that some merchants do not charge instantly but wait until your product has been shipped then they charge. 
    • American Express card at Gas Station: When you are using an American Express Gift Card to purchase gas, it is recommended to pay for the gas before hand with the cashier as the automatic Self-Service pump at the gas station may charge a higher amount than the balance on your card.
    • Restrictions of your American Express Gift Card: Your American Express Gift card cannot be used for ATM transactions. It can also not be used for making reservations at any hotels or for renting cars.

Thoughts of Conclusion 

You can easily and anytime use your American Express Gift Card at any merchant or retails that accepts American Express Cards, all across the United States, the Virgin Islands as well as at Puerto Rico. While paying for your purchases, you should present your card to the cashier. It is essential to know your cards balance before you make any purchase.

We have tried to provide you information and make the process of checking your American Express Gift Card balance easier. If you have any other query then please write to us in the comment section below.

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