How to Activate a Chase Credit Card At

At the time of application for any credit card you have to go through a lengthy procedure. Right from the number documents that are required, interviews, to waiting for them to let you know whether the application is approved or declined, is tiresome. But once it is approved and you have received your new card, the activation process is effortless and once it is done you experience the joy of purchasing.

Chase Bank offers cards for every need. Chase credit cards are very popular option. Majorly Chase credit cards mostly come under visa types; nevertheless a small number of them are Master Cards. Chase Bank provides lots of rewards to their cardholders. Chase credit cards are mainly used by small businesses, shopping, balance transfers, frequent travellers, hotel stay and others. However, the new credit card must be verified and activated first, whether for domestic and international use. This process is conducted to ensure that the new card is in the hand of right person. And therefore it is obligatory for the new cardholders to enter their identification and card details in order to verify and ensure cardholder’s identity.


Credit Cards Offered by Chase Bank

There are different types of Credit card offered by Chase. Few of them are listed below:

  • Chase Freedom Card
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited Card
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Chase Slate Card
  • Chase Premier Credit Card.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve Card
  • Chase Miles Card

Whenever you receive a mail with new Credit card from Chase, they request you to verify your card delivery. Most of the Chase Credit cards are on Visa network. Frankly it is rather akin so as to activate Chase credit card. Once this verification process is completed, you will be able to use your card straight away. 

Methods to Verify Chase Credit Cards

There are 2 ways in which you can verify chase credit cards

  1. You need to visit the chase verify card webpage i.e. Online.
  2. Verification via making a call. 

Verification and Activation of Chase Credit Card at 

Online Verification is again a simple process, not mind-numbing. You just need to make sure that you have a strong internet connection before you start the verification procedure or else the course of action will be disrupted and will have to be started again. Online method of verification or activation is secure. Following are the steps for online verification:

  1. For Online verification the card holder has to go to the webpage or to the link: .
  2. Once you get there you need to sign in to your account using your account login ID and password.
  1. If you have not registered and do not have an account with Chase then you will have to create a new ID and Password using below step and after that log in to the account.
    1. Click on the option “Not Enrolled” or “Sign up Today”.
    2. This will connect you to registering page of Chase Bank.
    3. They will ask you to fill in some details. You need to fill out all the required information correctly.
    4. Then you will be asked to select a Username ID and a Password for it.
    5. Once the Username and password are validated, use them and log into your account and sign in.
  2. After you have logged in, next step is to search for the credit card option. 
  3. After you have selected credit card will find your option of “New Card” by clicking on “My Accounts”.
  4. Select “New Card” and enter you card number.
  5. You might be asked for details of your card and a few personal credentials that you have already provided while applying for the card.
  6. Following to it, you will be asked for the “confirmation code” i.e. activation code. After entering it you will be asked whether you would like to activate the card. Click Finish/Yes.
  7. Lastly you will get confirmation about your card status, Active or Inactive.

Your Chase credit card verification process is completed. Once the verification process is completed you are free to use your Chase credit card without ado. The method is identical for all the Chase credit cards whether financing, cards, travel rewards card or everyday spending cards.

Verification and Activation of Chase Credit Card via Phone Call

Your Chase credit card can be verified via phone call as well.  You can either connect to the Chase Bank Customer Service through the below given number or by using the number given on the back of your card. The numbers are given below; 

  • This number is used for Personal Credit Cards [1-800-432-3117 ]
  • This number is for Business Credit Card [1-888-269-8690]

Chase has provided with phone numbers domestically and internationally. These numbers can be used to contact the Chase customer services for verification and activation of your credit card.

  • This number can be used domestically with-in the U.S. [1-800-432-3117]
  • This number can be used internationally outside the U.S. [1-302-594-8200]

Method of verification and activation through a Phone Call is not a tedious job. But you need to call the Chase bank from your registered number only so as to avoid confusion of fraud. Here is step by step process for the same.

  1. Before connecting with Chase customer services through a call, first step is to keep you New Card handy.
  2. It is advised to always use the same phone number that you have mentioned on your Chase card application in order to avoid identity theft. Chase will compare your number with the application number in the form that you have mentioned.
  3. Either you can call the above given numbers or else you can connect to the number give at the back of your card.
  4. Once connected, the instructor will give you a few options and you need to choose credit card from those.
  5. Then the instructor will ask you to give your last four-digits of your SNN, your date of birth, as well as your personal details that you had provided while applying for credit card.
  6. You will also be asked to tell your “Mother’s maiden name” or “Name of your middle school”.
  7. Once all the niceties are provided correctly, your card will be verified and active for use now.

You can connect with the custom support team of Chase Banks via email too. Though there is no direct email aid provided, nevertheless you can fill in them with your problems or queries and they will get back to you with their assistance as soon as they can. Furthermore you can converse with the support team at Chase Banks Twitter handle, @ChaseSupport. Chase Bank offers assistance for Military Personnel and Veterans as well. You can connect to Chase Military Service U.S phone number [1-877-469-0110]. For Customers who are the Deaf, have hearing problem or have a speech disability they can call 711 for assistance.


Chase Bank offers some of the most excellent travel rewards Credit Cards. You earn valuable points with each time you travel or with each purchase. Chase Bank makes the verification and activation process simple as they provides instructions inside your Credit card itself which you receive from them, you can follow those instructions yourself. We have tried to make the process uncomplicated but in case you cannot activate your card or any other difficulty, either you can call customer service or visit local Chase Bank branch yourself. In case of any other query or if you think there is any problems with this article please feel free to comment in the section given below.


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