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While there are so many automobile companies in the market today but Ford has made its own stand among them not only from the customer point of view but also for its employees via its employee benefits program and other MyFordBenefits. The company is not all about focusing the business but also about business persons and hence people once connected have a big share of cheers on their face while talking about their ford career.


Everything About My Ford Benefits

There are numbers of for benefits that the company provides under the umbrella of its program namely MyFordBenefits and this article covers them all to the maximum, to give you the proper understanding regarding the caring hand of Ford.

Key Feature of My Ford Benefits Program at Ford

  1. 4 Significant Medical Plan Options
  2. RX Program
  3. Various Benefits under Single Roof
  4. Decision Support and Tools
  5. Enroll and Login Portal for Quick and Secure Benefit Access

MyFordBenefits Medical Plan Option 2022

Depending on the need and requirement of treatment, for provides 4 major benefits which is a pre-Medicare eligible retiree plan. With the latest upgrade in the medical plan of ford in 2019, these plans are categorized under:

  1. PPO 2000 + HSA
  2. PPO 2500
  3. PPO 1000
  4. PPO 1350 + HSA

All the above medical plans include the flexibility to see any doctor you choose. Additional health saving account is featured with The PPO 2000+HSA and PPO 1350+HAS option and you can simply keep your money aside and pay your current and future healthcare expenses.

If you enroll in the PPO 2000+HSA or PPO 1350+HAS that has the health saving account (HAS) option available, you should take care of some of the things mentioned you below:

Funding: to pay your current and future healthcare expenses, you can simply fund HAS.

Contributions: when you make your contribution to HSA then you should be knowing that they are made on an after-tax basis directly to Wireworks, Admin of HSA.

HAS Opening: while you enroll for your medical plan, you can open an HSA. One thing to mind is that once you have an HSA, you don’t have to open a new account.

Change Your Contribution: easy changeable HAS contribution amount any time.

Direct Access: the HSA is directly accessed through the wage works at

Other Benefits with MyFordBenefits Program

There are various other valuable benefits that ford offers and you can choose from that include Dental, vision, Group Legal, Voluntary Benefits and Life Insurance Benefits.

Dental FordBenefits

Under this benefits program you get two dental plan to choose from:

One is Traditional PPO and other is

Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)

Traditional PPO

Traditional PPO which is administered by MetLife, you can simply go to any dentist you want to visit and also have the liberty to receive the care from the dentist who is the part of Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) network or even the dentist outside the network.

And if you receive care from the dentist out of network, you will have to pay the excessive and extra amount of charge that exceeds the charge under the plan.


DHMO gives you the facility to use the dentist who is the part of DHMO program and service received from a non-participating dentist will be uncovered

Vision Benefits

Under Vision benefits, your and eyewear eye care has been covered. This Davis Vision plan is covered with the lowest premium and provides you the discounts on exams, eyeglasses, and contacts.

The Vision benefits in network plan pay for Eyeglass Frames, Eyeglass benefits such as lenses, Contact Lens benefits (at the place of Eyeglasses), Additional Savings and much more you can check out on MyFordBenefits program.

Legal Plan

Other attractive plans feature the legal and financial service to your family including the creation of a will, buying and selling of a home, dispute handle with the contractor, resolving the warranty issue or dispute traffic tickets. It covers 100% deductibles and co-pays when you work with a network attorney.

Life and Accidental Dismemberment Insurance

With the My Ford Benefits program, you get the additional benefits of Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage. These insurance are payable to the retirees up to the amount of $25,000.

And if you enroll in the alternative life insurance, you will be automatically enrolled in the same level of coverage depending on the life insurance (spouse or Child). You will automatically be covered as an active employee.  You don’t have the authority to increase your coverage but yes, you can decrease or cancel your coverage time for sure.

Voluntary Benefits

With the for voluntary benefits program, you get a variety of plans that helps you to make money and time and provides you an additional coverage during the period of life unexpected moments. And if you want to go in details about it, then you can simply visit the official site of or you can call 1-800-523-2359.

This insurance is categorized in the following type of Benefits program

  1. Accidental Injury Insurance
  2. Critical Illness Insurance
  3. Auto Insurance
  4. Homeowners Insurance
  5. Identity Theft Protection
  6. Pet Insurance
  7. Purchasing Power
  8. Discount marketplace

Decision and Tools

You are helped out with the tools and resources to make your best decision about the best retiree medical plan in 2019 and these tools help you in choosing your right coverage:

You have two Categories of Tools and Resources

Personalized Support including Retiree Health Pros

In order to avail the service regarding the personal support, you will have to enroll in your retiree health benefit tile which you will find on the homepage at, next you can schedule the appointment with the retiree health pro today.

You will be assigned the retiree health pro and will be provided with the assignment date.

On the assignment date, you will be helped out with benefits option and enroll.

DIY with Decision Support Tool

To avail the other category of decision support tool, you can visit the link and you will have to answer some of the short questions and then you will get the medical plan recommendation based on the answer you provide there.

Enroll My Ford Benefits Program for Quick Service

While enrolling in the Ford benefit program gives you the quick service access with the secure approach, you also connect yourself with different types of services and plans of FordBenefits and this you will miss once you have avoided enrollment with myfordbenefits.

If Enrolled, you are Eligible for these Benefits:

Medical, Dental, Vision, Group Legal Plan, Optional Life and AD&D Insurance, Voluntary Benefits

If not Enrolled, you will only be Enrolled Automatically In:

  1. PPO 2000+HAS (Medical)
  2. NO coverage (Dental)
  3. NO coverage (Vision)
  4. Your current coverage level (Group Legal Plan)
  5. Your current coverage level (Optional Life and AD&D Insurance)
  6. Your current coverage level (Voluntary Benefits)

Process of Enrollment

First of all, visit the official site via

  • Make your sign in via your Ford benefits User ID and password.
  • Choose the option of ‘Enroll in your Retiree health benefits’ tile present right in front of you on your homepage.
  • Select research and enroll option on the welcome page.
  • Next, you can view and compare your benefits on the summary page.
  • Once ready, select confirm choices and submit your elections within 31 days of your retirement date.
  • If you have mentioned email address on file, you will receive a mail confirming your enrollment. Once received, visit com and confirm your elections.

Final Words

MyFordBenefits is such a bonhomie plan that ford provides its user in order to keep their beneficiaries and employees healthy, secure both financially and overall including providing them the best of living apart from the automobile and other high-quality outcome product mend for the people. You have already seen above that there 5 major benefits that ford offers for the lifetime with the minimal or no cost from the other side.

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